Sunday, May 29, 2011

EFTROU Video Series Coming

Ever since I began baking bread I have noticed how difficult it can be to learn by reading about the process of breadmaking. I suppose this is a fairly obvious observation to make considering that we always hear about the best bakers making a pilgrimage to the French countryside and apprenticing with experienced boulangers. The process involved in some food preparation can just be too complex to express verbally. 

It is no surprise that there are countless hours of food making videos posted on YouTube alone. Food videos have grown especially prominent showcasing recipes, techniques and often just food porn. I think the best food videos combine all of these elements (yes, even food porn can be important if it functions to provide a motivation for cooking). So while food videos are by no means new, I would like to contribute to the body of cooking videos by making a few of my own. So hopefully over the summer I will be able to post a few recipe videos. Right now, I am in the process of editing a video demonstrating the method for my favorite pizza recipe. Today I put together a trailer to kick off this series. I promise that the future videos will offer better soundtracks (probably one that I didn't compose), but as for this trailer, just have fun with it. 

Eating For The Rest Of Us Video Series Trailer from Eric Whedbee on Vimeo.