Saturday, September 12, 2009

Baking Mat

      I do not plan on turning this blog into a product review, but after using the Baking Mat a few times, I am very excited to tell people about it. If you work with dough, you need this. I remember the days of using the kitchen counter as a work surface and then spending lots of time after baking trying to clean up a counter that was left with small residual spots of dough. It was no easy task. Then one day I found this silicone mat. It rightfully claims that dough does not stick to the surface, making it perfect for kneading and rolling dough out on it. Also, it has the ability of withstanding lots of heat, thus it is possible to line a baking sheet and actually bake right on it. I haven't tried this because I purchased the larger mat, and it wont' fit in my oven. But they do come in a variety of sizes, including a common pan size. I highly recommend this product if you like making any thing with dough, even just occasionally.

Here's a link to my particular mat:

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